If you are passionate about food you are lucky.

In Mallorca you can enjoy absolutely wonderful dishes that also appreciate the most demanding chefs. Are you hungry?

1. “Frito mallorquín”
It is the quintessential dish of Majorcan cuisine and is one of the oldest recipes. Although it can also be made with fish, or only with vegetables, the traditional “frito mallorquín” is with pork or lamb. Whether in small portions of tapas or for lunch or dinner we recommend you try it.

2. Majorcan style snails
It is one of the dishes with the most tradition of Majorcan cuisine. This dish made with broth and potatoes, will delight all those who like snails because with this recipe they are especially tasty.

3. “Tumbet”
It is a dish that will not leave anyone indifferent, it is a vegetarian recipe made from local vegetables and is one of the star dishes of any summer menu present in all Majorcan homes, sometimes it is accompanied with some meat such as loin or any kind of fish.

4. Majorcan “sobrasada”
It is one of the best known Majorcan culinary traditions. It is a cured sausage that is prepared from different,specially selected, pork meat and seasoned with black pepper or paprika and salt. Nothing better than enjoying a good snack with cookies quely and sobrasada.

5. Majorcan “ensaimada”
The most popular dessert in Mallorca is this one, ensaimada. You can enjoy this delicious pastry for breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner, it is always equally delicious. It is one of the Majorcan products known worldwide and demanded during the summer season.


C2tgroup team