Majorca is much more than a touristic destination.

Majorca is much more than a touristic destination of millions of visitors every year. Majorca is also a style of life, one of the most charming islands of the Mediterranean Sea where, not only during the summer but also when it ends, the island is still lively and interesting.

Therefore, if you are thinking on doing a short break to Majorca in the next days, and you think you know everything about the biggest island of the Mediterranean, from Saint Michel we would like to show you that you are wrong. Take note of 5 things of Majorca that you didn’t know!

1.Porto Pi Lighthouse

It’s the second oldest lighthouse still working in Spain, and the third of the world, only followed by the Tower of Hercules in A Coruña, and the Lantern lighthouse of Genoa. A real treasure that takes part of the iconic image of the bay of Palma.

2.Shoes that are succeeding all around the world

The shoe industry is, by far, one of the strongest sectors of the island, with an estimated value of 100 million of Euros last year. Camper or Lotusse are some of the best-seller brands in the main European capital cities.

3.A best-seller church

The visited church of Sant Bartomeu, situated in Sóller, is one of the most beautiful ones in the island, and that’s why it’s the image on the cover of the book “World without end” of the British author Ken Follet.

4.The Castle of Bellver…an historic place

This castle is the only one round-shaped in Spain, and the oldest in Europe with this shape.

5.Joan Miró and the Parc de la Mar

The artist from Catalonia who died in Palma de Majorca, took part of the jury who chose the winner project to create the “Parc de la Mar”, that was officially inaugurated in 1984.


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