The best plans for the most adventurous people.

In Majorca we are very fond of adventures, maybe that's why we live on an island, as if we were Tom Hanks in the movie "Cast away", because we love to live new experiences and feel the adrenaline runs through our body. For those who like the risk, HSM gives you some tips. Discover the best plans for the most adventurous people.

Jungle Parc
Jungle Parc has been voted the second best amusement park in Spain, and the best thing is that it is totally different from what you have known so far. This park, situated in the forest of Santa Ponsa, very close to our hotels in Magaluf and Paguera, allows you to enjoy different circuits and a total of 134 platforms and games in height.
Through bridges, zip lines and nets, you will have to move from tree to tree for 3 routes, one of them for children and other two for adults. The extreme tour only recommended for the bravest. Are you brave enough?

Escape Room
Can you imagine being in a thriller? You and your friends, alone in danger, locked in a room. You have 60 minutes to get away and pass the test. How? With your wits. You must search the room up and down for clues that allow you to find the key to open furniture, doors, etc. How do you get the riddles? Get ready for everything and use your mind. Only then can you escape the room.
If you are not able to solve the test, do not worry, remember that this is only a game and you do not risk your life, like those in the movie "The Method".

If you feel like flying over the sky in a more adventurous way than taking a plane, we have something for you. Paragliding in Alcudia, very close to our hotel HSM President Golf & Spa, from Puig de Sant Martí.
The Bay of Alcudia is an ideal place to go paragliding thanks to the conditions of the bay. Discover magical landscapes of the sea and the mountains.

Do you dare to try any of these adventures??


C2tgroup team